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        ins-pi launches the first get inspi'red expert session

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        Why should the C-Suite, pressed to adapt to uncertainty consider Hierarchy Maps? How does this tie into a wider, more complex environment where people and processes intersect?

        We’ll tackle all that and more in the get inspi’red series: where ideas are cross-pollinated within a tight-knit group of experts to frame the next chapter of business where ideas reach people.

        get inspi’red is a series of expert sessions that explore the latest Enterprise Architecture trends and provide a community for sharing tips and insights into the industry. In the get inspi’red webinar sessions, Enterprise Architecture professionals get inside knowledge on how to make enterprise data meaningful across the organization, discuss best practices, and be connected to professionals in the industry.


        “With get inspi’red, we want to show enterprise architecture topics in a very hands-on way that delivers value”, Kadir Özbayram, Senior Partner at ins-pi expounds on the shifting trend in Enterprise Architecture that is moving towards becoming more business and outcome-focused.

        He cites how enterprise architects need to drive the conversation within the organization around topics such as journey mapping to deliver business value.

        The get inspi’red series also ties into one of ins-pi’s mission to increase the level of maturity of enterprise architecture management on the market.

        He emphasized, “in the end, we want to show how we can make things better and easier. Complex things don’t have to be hard.”

        Explore Enterprise Architecture future trends

        Along with new business realities, there are challenges in presenting data at the speed that the business needs it. How can enterprise architects adapt to this rapidly changing landscape and present huge volumes of data that is valuable and consumable for stakeholders?

        At the core of get inspi’red is the goal to meet these challenges head-on and initiate the conversation on the latest trends on Enterprise Architecture.

        In this unsteady time, we need the technical prowess of Solution Architects to translate complex business structures of global companies into a single, digestible diagram to empower those in the positions of influence to consider how budget shifts could affect entire manpower that’s offshore and handles all the services aspect of the business.

        Native to ServiceNow, companies already within the platform can get the Enterprise Architects started right away and iteratively create the maps that will broaden the C-Suite’s view of business processes, applications, and data that are critical to have a sense of certainty to take the next step forward.

        We want to shift the focus of the discussion within the workplace that is targeted towards a unified outcome: an agile workplace that considers the people attached to the process and the processes attached to the people.

        In the end, we are better prepared to help management in decision-making, by giving them the tools that they need to better consider how their decisions affect people.

        A community for enterprise architecture professionals

        get-inspired-quote-JoyLife as an enterprise architect is a multi-faceted role that draws on a combination of complex thinking, analytical, and communication skills. get inspi’red was conceived to initiate peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing of insights and tips into the industry.

        “All of the get inspi’red sessions has a common thing of embracing questions and information from the community of enterprise architects that we hope to create in this platform”, Joy Ike, Product Manager at ins-pi, elaborates on the intention behind connecting Enterprise Architects to the real world where data and people meet.

        We want to facilitate the exchange of practical knowledge in order to serve as responsible and effective changemakers that support the business where possible.

        First for the year

        This year’s first webinar session get inspi’red: Elevated Hierarchy Maps in ServiceNow, covers how you can use Hierarchy Maps to communicate organizational data and complex interdependencies to senior management and non-technical audiences in a consumable way to facilitate better decision-making among stakeholders.

        Using the Designer plug-in native to ServiceNow, see in action how to leverage Hierarchy Maps to represent data efficiently and show simultaneously hierarchical data and indicators.

        The first expert series will be presented by Joy Ike, Product Manager at ins-pi, on February 18, 2021.

        get inspi’red with ins-pi. Register for free and save your spot here. 

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