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ins-pi at ServiceNow Knowledge 2021

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ins-pi is partnering with ServiceNow for Knowledge 2021, the annual conference where you’ll learn how ServiceNow customers and partners worldwide are leveraging the Now Platform to grow their businesses and reshape their industries.

The 6-day event launching on Tuesday, May 11, showcases over 200 expert-led sessions, keynotes from visionaries and thought leaders, interactive workshops, and other fun activities. All content will be accessible on-demand beyond the event.

#Know21 with ins-pi

At this year’s demo streaming on May 11, ins-pi Co-founders Kadir Özbayram and Klaus Isenbecker will demonstrate how collecting data has no value for your enterprise architecture journey.

The demo highlights how ServiceNow and ins-pi are working together to build the future of enterprise architecture by bringing together the planning and the operational data together in one secure platform. In addition, you will discover how you can contextualize your enterprise information to survive the fast-changing business environment.

On May 18, you can join Kadir Özbayram & Klaus Isenbecker for a live chat on Enterprise Architecture Management on ServiceNow. Drawing on their combined 40 years of professional experience in the field, gain insights from their expertise on Enterprise Architecture Management, APM, TPM, Capability-based planning, Journey Mapping, Value Streams, Process Management, and more.

Workflow your world at Knowledge 2021

A year into a massive shift spurred by the global pandemic, Jim Lesser, SVP Brand Marketing at ServiceNow, shared that this year’s conference is centered on how workflows can help businesses respond to change better, keep growing and create a future that harnesses the power of workflows. The all-digital event aims to capture the energy from the big room and optimize it into a great digital experience. 

He further elaborated that Knowledge 2021 is a platform for discovering best practices from digital workflow experts. Insights gained from this and connections made will help the community grow closer and learn how to solve any business problem using workflows. Great emphasis is also placed on coming together as a globally and virtually distributed community and enhancing that digital experience with opportunities to interact and connect with digital leaders, partners, thinkers, and innovators.

Knowledge 2021 lineup includes:

  • Opening keynote by CEO Bill McDermott and other ServiceNow leaders
  • Content library with 200+ on-demand sessions—the latest on Now Platform functionality and use cases from customers, partners, and ServiceNow experts
  • Best practices from our user community
  • Keynotes for every Knowledge channel, organized by industry and topic area
  • On-demand labs that walk you through real-life workflow scenarios
  • Live experiences with labs, meetups, our Genius Lounge, and more
  • Think Big sessions designed to help you think outside the box
  • CreatorCon, where developers of all skill levels come together to build innovative apps on the Now Platform