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Lexmark Wins EA Award

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Congratulations to our Partner Lexmark who just won the InfoWorld & Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards 2020, amongst other notable contestants!

Lexmark and ins-pi

We’re proud to work with a partner who drives the digital future for transformational change via innovative initiatives with cloud-based infrastructure creating a Digital Twin of their enterprise.

Read Lexmark Success Story

Lexmark creates smart internet-of-things (IoT) print devices and cloud-native solutions that help customers worldwide achieve their vision of print simplicity, security, savings, and sustainability.

And we are here to help Lexmark in streamlining and optimizing existing workflows and solutions with our Designer and UPM-X applications.

Lexmark webinars with ins-pi

Watch the ins-pi webinar featuring Forrester with Andy Kopp from Lexmark to learn more about this journey:



And if you want to see Lexmark’s holistic approach to Digital Transformation, make sure to check out our 4-part webinar series with them:

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